November 25, 2014

A Message from Michelle

A message from

Michelle Gethers-Clark

The road ahead is paved with great people, ideas, energy and solutions linked to United Way’s focus on Breaking the Cycle of Poverty for Our Citizens. We are ending a year with many lessons learned and a renewed strategy. A poverty rate in Greensboro of 20% inspires me to do all that I can to open doors and provide resources to create economic success for people and communities. We are a rich community with engaged citizens who are willing to give back and work hard.

1922 set the stage for the great work that continues through United Way of Greater Greensboro, donors, human services organizations, foundations, and people willing to take action for a brighter tomorrow. 123,000 services were provided because $11,000,000 was contributed by caring people like you.

What our community needs is YOU. I am grateful to you and all you do to make Greensboro great.